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    Best Profitable Franchise under 4 Lakhs in India

    Posted Date:8-Nov-2022

    Best Profitable Franchise under 4 Lakhs in India

    In India, franchises are extremely popular as they generate an impressive amount of money. However, one must be very careful while choosing, if you select the wrong one, it will cost you time and cash. It is very important to select the most reliable franchise that you can trust and that allows you a good amount of time in a time interval. 

    Tea house franchise is considered to be the best franchise in India with low investment. The unit franchise fee is Rs. 3,25,000/-, the marketing fee and the cost of all types of equipment such as hot snacks case, refrigerator, deep freezer, induction stove, high-pressure gas stove, fruit mixer, tea utensils, tea powder, branded glasses, name boards, display menu, lollipop board, decoration items, photo frames, etc and initial stock.

    Apart from this, there will be extra expenses like the shop should have tile flooring, kitchen partition, tea counter, etc. The tea house franchise is responsible for any interior work, painting, and furniture. (The approximate cost will come to around Rs. 30,000/- to Rs.50, 000/-) Real estate charges like shop rent and security amount will also be extra. 

    Once the franchise agreement is finalized it is valid for 5 years. At the end of the 5th year, you can renew the agreement for another 5 years by paying 10% of the franchise fee. 

    Tea House will provide enough support to easily maintain the outlet. We will send one of our chefs to your shop for training for 3 days, which is free of cost and you have to arrange the expenses of travel, food, and accommodation for the trainer.

    More Return, Less Investment:

    With the Tea house, we can easily assure you that the business will generate a 40-80% monthly return. All our outlets are having a daily sale between 5000 to 30000 per day. It completely depends on the location. Our goal is to maintain the business affordable and feasible for all. Compared to other low-investment franchises, Tea house franchise offers a wide range of products like tea, coffee, shakes, or coolers, it has something for all. With multiple options to choose from, it will help in increasing customer interest. 


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