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    Here is the best Franchise Opportunity from us

    We appreciate your interest for a committed collaboration with Tea House and its franchise opportunities. Our vision is to reach to all tea lovers and make them taste the best variants of tea globally. If not lovers, we will surely turn them into tea lovers with our authentic variants of coolers and shakes. We are looking for dedicated and pledged entrepreneurs who wish to connect with our franchises. We believe in laying a strong foundation from the time of ideation to building of strong franchises. We are always up for small scale businesses and try to promote them in every way possible. Similarly, we encourage in extending proficient business opportunities.

    Our doors will always be open for competent entrepreneurs who are capable of expanding the chain of franchises and strive towards the development of the company. You can take the role of an ambassador in promoting our culture of tea and help in serving our customers with premium milkshakes and coolers. Join us today and see the magic!

    Franchise Requirement

    The minimum size of the shop should be 100 sq. ft. But the ideal space would be of 150 sq.ft.

    The unit franchise fee is Rs. 3,25,000/-, marketing fee and the cost of all equipments such as hot snacks case, refrigerator, deep freezer, induction stove, high pressure gas stove, fruit mixer, tea utensils, tea powder, branded glasses, name boards, display menu, lollipop board, decoration items, photo frames etc and an initial stock. (Please check Annexure - 1 (page 5) for the complete details of the startup kit)

    Yes. All are branded products (Hair, Voltas etc.) and comes with ensured warranty.

    The shop should have tile flooring, kitchen partition, tea counter, etc. The expenses for these will be extra. The franchise is responsible for any interior work, painting, and furniture. (The approximate cost will come around Rs. 30,000/- to Rs.50, 000/-) Real estate charges like shop rent and security amount will also be extra

    The franchise fee is not refundable

    The franchise agreement is valid for 5 years. At the end of the 5th year, you can renew the agreement for another 5 years by paying 10% of the franchise fee.

    The brand will supply all the major ingredients. But there are some items which the franchisee has to buy locally. Please check Annexure - 2 (page 7) for the list of items supplied by the brand and the price. Please check Annexure - 3 (page 8) for the list of items the franchisee has to buy from the local market

    Brand supplies only cookies like Osmania Biscuits. The franchisee can keep the local snack items at the shop with the approval from the brand. The franchisee can either make the snacks or get it from good snacks vendors. The quality of the snacks should not be compromised

    TEA HOUSE does not entertain any items other than its menu to be sold from its outlet. However, considering the regional flavor and demands, a few selected items can be added with the written approval from the brand. No other tea varieties can be added. TEA HOUSE ensures that none of the added items damage its brand value.

    No. However, the brand provides training to your selected staff. You need a minimum of 2 workers for the shop. It is not necessary that these workers have any prior experience in the hotel field. The reason is that all the drinks at TEA HOUSE are prepared using formulae. With 3 days of training, we can teach anyone; a fresher or an experienced one. Since we are using a formula to make drinks, a person with an experience of 1 week or 1 year, can prepare the items of the same taste and quality. A new employee can be trained in 3 days, if an old employee leaves the job.

    we can send one of our chefs to your shop for training for 3 days, which will cost is Free- and you have to arrange the expenses of travel, food and accommodation for the trainer.

    All our outlets are having a daily sale between 5000 to 30000 per day. It completely depends on the location.

    You don’t need to pay any royalty for the brand.

    No. We don’t have a centralized billing system. There are certain practical issues in applying the billing system for the time being. However, the brand is working on the same to find a convenient solution.

    There is no specified distance. We'll give shop at a place where your business will not be affected because of the new shop. For, e.g., 2 shops located on both sides of the highway have different customers. However, if we get an opportunity to give an outlet near an existing one, the existing franchisee will be given that opportunity first.

    The investor has to pay a token amount as confirmation; the investor can decide the said amount. A Letter Of Intent (LOI) will be signed against this amount and a payment confirmation will be given to the investor. The balance amount should be paid at least 10 days prior to the opening of the outlet. The agreement will be signed at the time of full and final payment settlement. The brand will supply all the items including the start up kit, one week prior to the outlet opening. The franchisee has to inform the brand regarding the opening of the outlet at least 10 days before so that the brand can ensure the availability of the chef for the training

    No. It is strictly not allowed. The franchisee has to sell all the items in TEA HOUSE glasses only. However, if a customer specifically asks for other drinking glasses, exceptions can be made. The numbers can be hardly one or two in a month.