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    What are the requirements to start a Tea House franchise in India?

    Posted Date:24-Nov-2022

    What are the requirements to start a Tea House franchise in India?

    1. Area

    The minimum size of the shop should be 100 sq. ft. But the ideal space would be 150 sq. ft. The proposed area must have proper water and drainage facility.

    2. Skills or Experience

    No special skills or experience is required to start a tea house franchise.

    3. Training:

    The tea house group will send a chef to your shop for training for 3 days, which is free of cost - and you have to arrange the expenses of travel, food, and accommodation for the trainer.

    4. Staff Requirement

    You need a minimum of 2 people for the shop. It is not necessary that these workers have any prior experience in the hotel field. The reason is that all the drinks at the tea house are prepared using formulae. With 3 days of training, we can teach anyone; a fresher or an experienced one. Since we are using a formula to make drinks, a person with an experience of 1 week or 1 year, can prepare the items of the same taste and quality.

    5. Investment

    The unit franchise fee is Rs. 3,25,000/-, the marketing fee and the cost of all equipment such as hot snacks case, refrigerator, deep freezer, induction stove, high-pressure gas stove, fruit mixer, tea utensils, tea powder, branded glasses, name boards, display menu, lollipop board, decoration items, photo frames, etc and initial stock.

    Do you need help? Do you want to open a Tea House Franchise?

    Please feel to contact us at 9701007333, 9705918222, and 7661966222 Email us at info@teahousegroup.com


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